If you want caffeine-free teas, you shouldn’t turn to decaffeinated teas that are commercially-produced. They are not completely free from caffeine, plus they can have unnecessary ingredients, such as added sugars. Instead of going for these teas that are a product of herbal infusions, you should choose true teas, which are called herbal teas or tisanes.

Make some for yourself, not only to refresh yourself on a hot day, but to also relax your senses. Here are some recipes to try:

Sage Iced TeaSage Iced Tea

Many people enjoy sage tea and like other teas, it is very easy to make. However, this iced tea is more than the traditional sage tea. Here are the ingredients:

  • ½ of an ounce sage leaves
  • ¼ ounce of lemon rind
  • Three tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Two tablespoons of sugar
  • Four cups of water

When all the ingredients above are ready, here are the steps for this caffeine-free iced tea:

1. Boil water.

2. Add the ingredients to the simmering water.

3. Let it steep for at least 20 minutes. You can stir to make the tea tastier.

4. Strain the leaves of the sage.

5. Let it chill then add ice.

Red Hot Herbal Iced Tea

Red Hot Jasmine Iced Tea

This one is very easy and you don’t need a lot of ingredients:

  • One teaspoon of herbal tea
  • Water
  • Agave nectar

To make this caffeine-free tea, here are the steps to follow:

1. Measure the tea you want to yield. For every eight ounces of water, add a teaspoon of herbal tea.

2. Use an infuser and place it to a pitcher.

3. Add cold water and let it steep for at least four hours. Ideally, you should let it steep overnight in the fridge so that there will be no bacterial buildup.

4. Ready the glasses with ice and pour the infused tea there.

5. Add agave nectar or any sweetener that you want.

Bengali Iced Tea

Bengali Iced Tea

This spiced iced tea is completely caffeine-free. Get the following ingredients, which can give you a total of four cups:

  • Four Bengal spice tea bags
  • One cup of almond, coconut, or any milk – unsweetened

Follow these steps to make this iced tea:

1. Boil two cups of water.

2. Pour the water in a mason jar or in any heat-proof container.

3. Let it steep for five minutes and make sure it is covered as you do so.

4. Remove the tea bags.

5. Add a cup of cold water and the unsweetened milk.

6. Store in the fridge until cold.

You can add stevia or raw honey to sweeten the tea. You can also add cinnamon sprinkled on top of the liquid.


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