After buying the dress you fell in love with, you probably want to preserve its perfect look. Most people think that washing new clothing before wearing them will ruin its appearance. It might not look brighter or whiter than that moment it is taken off the rack.

If you’re among those who think washing clothes after buying them is not necessary, you may want to think again – especially if you’re not a fan of insects, rashes, and worst of all, diseases.

It is time to stop assuming these clothes are clean just because they’re new. Tests and studies have shown that they are not only dirty, but they are also covered with compounds that could lead to skin irritations among others. According to Philip Tierno, the director of Microbiology and Immunology at New York University, it is so important that we wash new clothing before donning them because of these two main reasons:

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1. Compounds in Clothing

When Dr. Tierno performed the tests, he found the following disturbing compounds:

  • Skin and fecal flora
  • Yeast
  • Respiratory secretions

Note that the mentioned compounds were found in both high end and low end clothing, including underwear, jackets, blouses, and pants. Tierno found that intimate items, such as underwear, had the highest levels of contamination. This means that other people tried the clothing on, despite being considered “new.”

Stop assuming these clothes are clean just because they’re new / PicHelp

There could also be some organisms that can cause various illnesses, including MRSA, salmonella, yeast infection, streptococcus, traveler’s diarrhea, and hepatitis A. All these problems can happen if you wear unwashed clothes worn by other people.It is also possible that some organisms, such as lice, which can be transmitted very quickly from one person to another, are also present.

2. Chemicals in Clothing

Artificial dyes aren’t just found in foods, but they are also in many clothing items. If you don’t wash them before wearing them, these chemicals can lead to irritation and even other health problems.One dye that is commonly used is azo-aniline, which can cause mild to severe skin allergies. If you have sensitive skin, this can lead to red, dry, itchy skin. Formaldehyde is also one chemical used in many clothing items to minimize their wrinkles, but this chemical is a known carcinogen and can cause various skin problems.

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If you’re going to wear the clothes you just bought, make sure you wash it and treat it in heat if possible. You will sweat while wearing those clothes and this can result to opened pores, which allows the skin to easily absorb the chemicals in your clothing.


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