We’ve heard about different essential oils, including those that are said to have anti-cancer properties. There are indeed several types out there and among those that have become quite popular are fruit essential oils, particularly berry oils. These essential oils are good for the skin and come with health benefits too. If you like eating berries, you will most likely love these berry essential oils:

1. Raspberry oil

This is probably the most popular berry essential oil. It has been studied that raspberries come with health benefits, so extracting the fruit’s oil can be beneficial as well. Raspberry oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are good for the skin. Applying the oil on the skin can result to delayed aging, while improving elasticity and softness of the skin.

2. Blackberry oil

Oil from this berry come from either the fruit or the seeds, but the latter is more widely available. Like raspberry oil, blackberry oil comes with high antioxidant content. Some have essential fatty acids, such as palmitic, oleic, and alpha-linoleic acids, which have the ability to suppress any free radical activity to delay aging and even prevent cancer.

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3. Blueberry oil

The fruit is considered an anti-aging food with so many health benefits. Since blueberries have very high antioxidant capacity, you can expect that the oil from the fruit also contains antioxidants. Blueberry oil not only protects the body against disease-causing free radicals, but also has omega-3s and vitamin E, which promote good health and skin.

Blueberry oil protects the body against disease-causing free radicals / PicHelp

4. Blackcurrant oil

Oil is derived from the seeds of blackcurrant and is high in gamma-linoleic acid. This particular acid is useful in maintaining skin elasticity. It is also used to prevent skin dryness and moisture loss.

5. Cranberry oil

This essential oil is generally used to moisturize the skin. It contains phytosterols, phospholipids, and vitamin A and E. Cranberry oil is cold-pressed and is quite stable, so you don’t really have to worry about its shelf life. This oil is also rich in omega 3s, 6s, and 9s, which are used in many skincare products.

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You can also find strawberry oils in the market, but technically strawberries aren’t berries as they are actually from the rose family. Additionally, strawberry oils aren’t organic or natural because they cannot be extracted like other essential oils. You can find “real” strawberry oils, but they are in the form of fragrance oils, which are actually artificial scents from petrochemicals and only copy the original scent of the fruit.


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