There are a bunch of foods to eat and avoid eating when you are pregnant. But there are also some that you should know about if you are trying to conceive. Studies have shown just how certain foods improve a woman’s ability to have a baby. If you want to get pregnant faster, here are 11 foods to consume:

1. Wheat Germ: This is rich in vitamin E, which is helpful for those who want to conceive. Have a teaspoon of wheat germ and put it in your juice. Drink this every morning to boost your fertility. Wheat germ comes in powder form, but you can also find it as virgin oil, which you can also apply to your skin.


2. Beer Yeast: Beer contains a particular form of yeast, which you can take if you want to be pregnant. This yeast has vitamins and minerals, including essential amino acid and protein. It also has zinc, chrome, iron, and other minerals. What it is quite popular for is its folic acid content, which you may know is valuable for both pregnant and trying to be pregnant women.

3. Maca: This is an Andean root that provides energy and regulates the endocrine glands. Maca is recommended by experts for those who have infertility issues and hormone disorders. You can also encourage your husband to take maca as this also increases libido. Note that there have been some studies that showed the maca root as responsible for pregnant women to bear twins.

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4. Avocado: This fruit is not only delicious and nutritious, but also increases fertility. Avocadoes are popular in improving the functions of the sexual organs and can increase the production of eggs in women.

5. Nuts: This food is for men who have trouble with the vitality of their sperm. Nuts, when eaten regularly, help men improve the movement, strength, and form of their sperm. Consume this for at least 12 weeks to get results.

6. Sunflower Oil: This has a ton of health benefits, including having high content of vitamin E, which can improve fertility.

7. Flax Oil: Here is another type of oil to try as it is rich in Omega 3, which is essential for good fertility. Consume about a spoonful every day or you can add this as part of the food you eat.

8. Olive Oil: When consumed on a regular basis, olive oil can triple the success of your pregnancy. Eat foods cooked in olive oil with your partner as this can boost fertility in both men and women. Extra virgin and raw olive oil should be your choice.

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9. Pollen: Men and women can turn to bee pollen as this is effective in increasing libido and fertility. It has a ton of nutrients, including zinc, which can regulate the hormones.

10. Ginger: This is a powerful aphrodisiac that also increases mobility of sperm and its count. Women can also consume ginger tea with a little bit of honey.

11. Banana: This superfood contains vitamin B6, which is known to help regulate menstruation. For those who are trying to conceive, bananas can aid in development of quality eggs and sperm.

This list is definitely good news for those who are trying for a baby. Food and fertility are linked together as proven by studies.


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