Drinking milk regularly has always been considered beneficial to health, especially to bones and teeth. Almost every piece of advice tells you that you should stay away from dairy fat, leaving you either nonfat or low-fat choices. However, there has always been lack of evidence that these options are healthier when it comes to dairy products.

The Danger in Conventional Dairy Products

A researcher and pediatrician from Harvard aims to educate people about eating and drinking low-fat milk. According to David Ludwig, milk and dairy products are not good to the consumer’s health because they have sweeteners that can harm the body. One cup of two percent milk already has 12.3 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to processed snacks and chocolates. Even if you go for low-fat milk, you actually consume a lot of sugar and other dangerous ingredients.

The research, which was published in the Journal of the American Association Pediatrics, provided evidence that sweetened beverages have harmful effects to the body. In fact, consuming high amounts of sugar can cause diabetes, obesity, and other inflammatory-related diseases. Sugar is unhealthy, especially if you consume it daily in large dosages, which is why many organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Department of Agriculture, agree that sugary drinks are not good for the body.

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It’s Time to Stop Drinking Low-Fat Milk

Consuming skim or low fat milk is not only unhealthy, but you are also drinking unnatural food. These products went through a ton of processes to make them low in fat and taste better. With these processes and other ingredients added to them, including sugar, it is no wonder that many people who consume low-fat milk on a regular basis are actually obese. Unfortunately, health organizations, such as the ones mentioned above, are actually recommending the consumption of low-fat milk. USDA tells Americans to drink three glasses of milk every day, but only the low-fat version. This piece of advice is something Ludwig wants to change.

If you think drinking low-fat milk is good for your health, think again / PicHelp
If you think drinking low-fat milk is good for your health, think again / PicHelp

The mass consumption of low-fat milk should be stopped. The Harvard scientist actually endorsed milk with fat instead. According to Ludwig, the fat in milk is a healthy type of fat. While trans fats and polyunsaturated fats are bad for the health, immersed fat found in milk is beneficial to the body. With this in mind, instead of avoiding fat milk, you should actually consume full-fat dairy.

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Although there were claims in the past that fat in dairy was connected to coronary heart disease, it is actually the opposite. Drinking fat milk can promote heart health, stop diabetes, and help in the absorption of nutrients in the body.


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