Most people love drinking beer; after all, it is usually a part of a get together. When you’re socializing with your friends or new people, you probably chug down some booze. But have you ever wondered what happens to your body within 24 hours of drinking beer?

If you love drinking alcohol, you may want to know the effects of drinking and this is what science tells you:

One to Nine Minutes: Alcohol travels fast within the first few minutes of alcohol consumption. It races from your stomach to your bloodstream. Then, it moves all over your body, including your muscles and your brain.

10 Minutes: The body will now react to the new substance you put inside it by getting rid of it as fast as it can. This is because your body thinks alcohol is poison, so instead of storing it like with other food and drinks you consume, it will break it down and aim to eliminate it quickly.

15 Minutes: The stomach will now process the alcohol by producing alcohol dehydrogenase, an enzyme that turns beer or any alcohol into toxic substances, including acetaldehyde along with other chemicals. This is one of the reasons why you get a hangover the next day. Later on, alcohol is converted into acetic acid until it becomes a part of water and fatty acids. During this time, you will feel sober. However, if you keep drinking and your liver cannot handle the high amounts of alcohol, you will be drunk.

20 Minutes: Alcohol will now have an emotional effect on you, giving you happiness or other feelings. Physically, you will feel lightheaded.

45 Minutes: This is the start of blood alcohol rising to its peak.

24 Hours after drinking alcohol: At which point do you turn into an angry dude? / PicHelp
24 Hours after drinking alcohol: At which point do you turn into an angry dude? / PicHelp

46 to 59 Minutes: You will feel the urge to pee more than normal because alcohol is a diuretic. Continuing drinking will cause you to get dehydrated. If you stop drinking without replenishing the lost fluids, you will crash into a drunken sleep. This is a poor quality sleep because your body does not have enough water in it.

12 to 24 Hours: It is highly likely that you will suffer from a hangover when you wake up. Symptoms include headaches, thirst, paleness, dizziness, and tremors. Usually, these symptoms are caused by dehydration and during this time, your body is still trying to fix what alcohol has done to your system.

For beer drinkers, it does look like the effects are not so bad. However, too much alcohol will definitely have its repercussions. So, if you keep drinking every day, your body will not be able to recover from too many toxic substances in it.


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