There are numerous fad diets as people become obsessed with having a slimmer body. Due to this obsession, many solutions are offered to help women and even men to lose extra pounds without the need for controlling what you eat and exercising. The following are radical approaches in cutting back the flab, but not all of them are effective and have lasting results:

Wrapped Like a Mummy

Body Wrap Weight Loss

It may not be Halloween, but several women are flocking to the spa to get a fancy treatment where they are wrapped from head to toe like mummies. Unwrapping is done after an hour or two and quite mysteriously, the spa patrons say they lost a few inches off their bodies. The only problem with this is that it does not last long mainly because this is simply due to the Spanx effect where the body appears smaller, but no physical weight is lost.

Using a Feeding Tube

Nasal Feeding Tube

For many years, feeding tubes were only seen at hospitals. But because of the weight loss craze, people have started using these tubes to remove excess fat. What they do is that they place a long, thin tube into their nose, which is directed to the stomach. The tube is hooked up to a pump where protein-fat liquid drips. Unfortunately, this is not a safe method for losing weight and should not even be considered a diet. It has quite a number of bad effects, including dehydration, kidney stones, and constipation. Add to that is the fact that those who practice this will gain their weight back once the tube is removed after 10 days.

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Sleeping Beauty Diet

In this diet, you turn to sleep, instead of going to the kitchen for food. The principle behind this is that if you are sleeping, you do not have to eat. In this case, this diet involves a lot of sleeping and there are even advocates who use heavy sedation to sleep for days. Quite obviously, this diet works, but health experts are against it.

Ear Acupuncture

Ear Acupunture Weight Loss

Pinning back the ears through surgery is actually quite common for those who want their faces to look thinner. However, ear acupuncture is different where surgical staples are put into the inner cartilage of the ears for more than a few weeks. The staples are believed to have the power to suppress appetite, but still there is no evidence to back this up. Plus, almost 20% of those who undergo this process contract an infection.

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Tongue Patch

Tongue Patch Mesh

This is similar to ear acupuncture, except that you put a patch to your tongue through surgery. As a result, you will not be able to chew or swallow, forcing you to consume liquid as a part of your daily diet. This is once again not healthy as it could cause choking and even infection.

Tapeworm Treats

Tapeworm Diet

As disgusting as this may sound, there are people who eat tapeworms to lose weight. This is because tapeworms do not die when you swallow them. When they enter your digestive tract, they will stay there and consume the food you eat, mainly the calories. You can already guess how unhealthy this method is as tapeworms also eat vitamins and minerals in the body and medical interference is usually required to get rid of them.

Although these crazy diets may work, they are still unhealthy. Instead of choosing the quickest route to weight loss, eat right and exercise to gain the body you want.


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