Plank exercise is a part of isometric training and is quite popular these days. It generally involves contracting the muscles while you remain stationary. Just like the other isometric exercises, planks are great for rehabilitation of injuries. Planks can also help you improve your energy transfers from your upper body to your lower body and vice versa.

Planks seem easy, but they actually aren’t. Stay in position for two minutes and you’ll find yourself sweating and perhaps giving into the urge of resting. This is why this exercise is actually great for those who want to lose weight. Plus, you can get tighter muscles all over your body. All of these can be achieved with an exercise that does not even involve movement.

Why “Plank”

If you want to have toned buttocks, plank exercise can be your best friend. It is mainly focused on your hamstrings and your gluteal muscles, giving you a tighter behind without cellulite. Aside from this, you can also have a stronger back when you exercise. Even though you are not moving, the muscles in your lower back, neck, and shoulders are all active, giving you the ability to fight bone problems.

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Your hands and feet will benefit too when you plank. You hold your weight on your hands and feet, so you could feel a burning sensation in these parts of the body. But don’t worry; this means that the exercise is working and your muscles are being effective. Probably the best part of plank exercise – especially for women – is that this can provide them with a flatter stomach. As you keep your body tense, your abdominal muscles become tighter. Do this exercise regularly and you’ll find yourself sexier with a more toned body.

How to Plank

How to plank? Check this picture above / PicHelp
How to plank? Check this picture above / PicHelp

This static exercise is not that difficult to do, but it will surely test you. Begin by lying on the floor on your stomach. Now, bend your elbows and carry your weight with your hands and feet while you form a straight line with your whole body. The fingertips on your feet and your forearms will keep you steady as you do this no-movement exercise for as long as you can.

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Remember that you have to keep your body as flat as possible. The difference between this exercise and most exercises is that you shouldn’t relax. Your whole body, particularly your muscles, should be tense and strained. Regular plank exercise will give you the benefits of tighter muscles all over your body and better weight management.


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