Whole body vibration, although not exactly a new trend in exercise, has seen an increase in popularity. It does offer various benefits for health and fitness; plus, it is very easy to do. Since it is a passive exercise, all you have to do is use a machine where you will lie, sit, or stand on. The platform will start vibrating in which energy is transmitted to the whole body.

What Happens During Whole Body Vibration Training?

The exercise starts when the machine you’re using begins to vibrate. When energy is conveyed to the body, the muscles are forced to contract and relax several times every second. You’re not moving, but this particular activity will cause the body to feel as if it is exerting an effort. As you can see, it is easy to perform this passive exercise. Additionally, many local gyms offer this kind of training. You can even buy the equipment, so you can use it at home.

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Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

According to the proponents of this passive exercise, you don’t need several hours a day to see the benefits. In fact, in as little as 15 minutes daily for three times every week, this can provide the following benefits for our health and fitness efforts:

  • Increase blood flow throughout the body
  • Reduce the soreness of muscles – which makes it a good practice after exercise
  • Improve flexibility of the body
  • Quicken weight loss to see results faster
  • Burn fat
  • Build strength
  • Decrease cortisol, which is the stress hormone
When energy is conveyed to the body, the muscles are forced to contract and relax several times every second / PicHelp

There is still no solid evidence that whole body vibration training is useful for the body, unlike walking and running, which are mild to average intensity workouts. However, there are a few studies that show this type of very simple exercise can actually help improve muscle strength, while aiding with weight loss – as long as you also cut back on your calorie intake.

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The advocates of the exercise as well as some researchers believe that whole body vibration may be able to provide more benefits. It is important that it is performed correctly with the assistance of a medical expert. Through this tactic, it is possible that whole body vibration may be able to reduce back pain, reduce bone loss, and may be useful in improving balance among older people who can no longer perform strenuous exercises.

Combined with a healthy diet and physical activity, regularly performing whole body vibration may really give your body excellent benefits.


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