Dieting or controlling what you eat is old school. Today, there are ways to shed some pounds, including eating foods that puts your metabolism on full speed. Without further ado, here are the foods you should consume to burn more calories without the need to go for regular dieting:

Lean Meats

Eating chicken, turkey, and beef speed up your metabolism due to the fact that digesting these foods require a lot of energy. This fact is supported by many studies where it has been proven that dieters who choose to eat foods with high protein content burn more calories than those who choose a high-carb diet.


Cereals contain high amounts of fiber. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, women who eat cereal regularly have 30% chance of having normal weight than those who eat other foods for breakfast.

Citrus Fruits

There are many citrus fruits around, including grapefruit, lemons, oranges, and limes. All of these contain vitamin C, which aids in speeding up metabolism. The truth is the human body only requires 60 mg of vitamin C daily, but if you increase it to 500 mg, your metabolism will kick into high gear. This will cause it to burn more fat, especially when you exercise.

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Food Speed Metabolism
There are foods that may slow down your metabolism, we’ll discuss them next.


Garlic is quite known for being a healthy food with tons of benefits. It can boost your immunity, so you do not have to worry about diseases and even helps you look more youthful. If you add garlic into your diet, you can lose weight as well. The good news is that you can put garlic into your food in amounts you cannot even detect and it will still work. The Journal of Nutrition has discovered that garlic helps you burn more calories while your body produces less fat. Coupled with exercise, incorporating garlic into your diet will surely help you lose weight.


Fiber-rich berries are good for burning calories. Although the body does not have the ability to digest fiber, it still tries. As a result, it burns calories to somehow accomplish the feat. One cup of raspberries contains as much as 8g of fiber with only 60 calories.

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Add ¼ to one teaspoon of cinnamon into the food you eat every day will help your blood sugar move to the cells that use up energy. What happens here is that there is less room to store fat.
These foods are natural ways to burn more fat, while promoting faster metabolism to get rid of more calories.


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