New parents understandably would want to be with their baby 24/7. They want to hug, cuddle and hold their new child endlessly. This is instinctual and there’s nothing wrong with it. What is wrong is allowing that instinct to win even at bedtime.

Sleeping Baby
Babies should sleep on their backs.

More than 50% of infant deaths are due to unsafe sleeping environments, and that includes you the parent or any adult sleeping with them.

According to study, Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) leads the list of causes of death in babies with age 1 – 12 months. Babies often die due to suffocation.

This special video City of Bothell explains why.

If you really love your baby you will remember the ABCs of sleeping babies.

A – Babies need to sleep Alone.

B – Babies need to sleep on their Back.

C – Babies need to sleep in their own Crib.

Check these quick tips too to keep babies safe in their sleep:

1. Make sure you and your family, or everyone who loves your baby known that it is crucial for your baby to sleep on his or her back – always.

2. Let your baby sleep on a firm surface with safety-approved crib mattress. This will have a delicate and perfect mix of firmness and softness that will not hurt your baby.

3. Do not put toys and loose bedding in your baby’s sleep area. We know this is a common practice but that is just wrong. There times when these toys, especially stuffed toys might cover your baby’s head area and give him or her difficulty in breathing.

The Back to Sleep campaign designed to raise awareness against sleeping with your baby in bed aims to reduce that number dramatically and it is becoming successful. So spread this article to your family and friends let’s all save life.


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