For centuries, the lingonberries (also known as cowberries and foxberries) have been used not only as food, but also for treating several health conditions, ranging from common to grave. You can choose to eat the lingonberries raw or process them into syrups and jams. If you’d like to take advantage of the health benefits of this fruit, it is recommended that you juice them or buy lingonberry supplements.

Still, this does not mean that you can’t have the benefits if you consume the berries raw. Regardless of how you eat them, you can gain the following health perks from these nutritious berries:


Although more research is needed to determine whether or not the berries are truly effective, lingonberries have actually been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis for several years now. The main ingredient in the fruit that can help prevent inflammation is quercetin. This is a flavonoid that can fight inflammation and provide you with improved respiratory and cardiovascular health.

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If you have recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), you can eat lingonberries to protect you against them. Lingonberries, just like cranberries, have A-type proanthocyanins (PACs), which are actually quite rare. The PACs are extremely effective when it comes to fighting Escherichia coli or E. coli and other bacteria that cause UTIs.


Probably one of the most notable benefits of eating lingonberries is their ability to provide you with a cancer-free life. There have been some studies that proved how lingonberries are able to support inhibitory activities against the development and growth of cancer cells. If not battled successfully, it is possible that the cells would lead to leukemia, cervical, or colon cancer. Lingonberries have this potential because of the procyanidins that they contain. These procyanidins have anti-proliferative effects, which mean they can inhibit growth of cells (in this case, cancer cells).

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Oral Health

Anyone can have periodontal diseases, especially those with inflamed gums and chronic mouth infections. To help maintain your oral health and keep your mouth healthy, you should eat lingonberries to avoid getting gum diseases. If you don’t take care of your oral health, this can actually lead to serious diseases, including diabetes and low birth weight and pre-term deliveries in pregnant women.

Lingonberry will be the next superfood to go mainstream / PicHelp
Lingonberry will be the next superfood to go mainstream / PicHelp

With these capabilities, it is no wonder that this fruit is beneficial to our health. Many experts even call it the new superfruit. In traditional medicine, lingonberries have been used to treat diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal disorders, water retention, and fever.


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