Most of us get that loving, happy feeling right after sex with our partner. But science sets aside those thoughts that it’s all in our head. According to research, sex can give a two-day afterglow, which is a feeling that makes couples more lovey-dovey. It is well-known that there are benefits to sharing intimate moments with your partner. Plus, sex induces oxytocin, which is also known as the cuddle or hug hormone. It has many uses for the body, including aiding reproductive functions.

Scientists weren’t sure of how long the effects of sex lasted. But the Florida State University researchers were able to conclude that the afterglow feeling can linger for up to two whole days. This feeling is linked to improving relationship quality for the long-term.

How the Scientists Discovered the Afterglow Duration

The researchers conducted a study where:

  • There were 214 newlyweds as the participants.
  • They were asked to fill out a sex diary for 14 days.
  • For each day, the couples would write about whether or not they had sex that day.
  • The couples would individually rate their experience, along with other aspects, including their satisfaction with their partner, their happiness in the relationship, and their overall feeling toward their marriage during that time.
  • A seven-point rating was asked to be used in which one is poor and seven means they were extremely satisfied.
  • The couples were also asked to rate their marriage right from the beginning of the study and then after six months.
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Researchers were able to conclude that the afterglow feeling can linger for up to two whole days / PicHelp

In the study, most of the participants had sex four times for the two-week period, which averages once every three to four days. The satisfaction levels of the couples lasted much longer though. The scientists discovered that those who had sex on a particular day felt the same satisfaction for up to two days. This was the same with all the participants in the study and it didn’t matter how old they were or whether they were males or females. Even other factors, such as sexual frequency, length of relationship, and personality traits, didn’t affect the span of the “afterglow.”

Overall, the marital satisfaction of the participants declined after the follow-up session, which took place six months later. However, partners who reported they were satisfied with their sex life fared much better than those who didn’t. The 48-hour glow after sex was therefore linked by scientists with higher marital satisfaction initially and with less steep satisfaction decline after six months of marriage.


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