Everyone looks forward to a vacation, either from work or from school. But perhaps you’re among those who get sick when breaks start. According to research, there is one in every four people who get sick once vacation day kicks in.

It’s All About Leisure Sickness

If you have a high-stress job that does not let you relax, you could be prone to leisure sickness, which involve the following:

Your heavy workload does not let you relax. So when you do, your body will react with various symptoms.

When you are too engrossed in your day-to-day activities, you subconsciously postpone an illness.

There are times when you’re already sick, but you still don’t know it because you are very busy.

It is hard to notice the signals that your body gives you. Once you stay away from work, this is when you suddenly feel tired and you probably feel pain as well.

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If you believe it’s not because of just work, there are other factors that contribute to you being sick, including a weakened immune system due to frequent sun and air conditioning systems exposure. To avoid health problems before a vacation, you should leave stress behind before you start your break. It also helps if you don’t have any leftover work, so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re away.

Watch the video below from NowThis:

WARNING: Going on Vacation Can Actually Make You Sick

Think twice before getting that vacation leave. https://www.stethnews.com/0616/warning-going-on-vacation-may-be-bad-for-your-health/

Posted by StethNews on Saturday, September 19, 2015


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