It is common knowledge that when you are prone to acne or you have oily skin, you have to use products that are oil-free. If not, this will only cause breakouts. This could not be further from the truth since cleansing oils are non-comedogenic, which means they don’t clog pores and therefore will not cause blackheads.

Why Cleansing Oils

According to dermatologists, cleansing oils should be used because it can dissolve oil on the skin. If you have oily skin, you shouldn’t avoid using cleansing products that are oil-based because they come with vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidants that get rid of oil.

If you often apply makeup on your face, you can use cleansing oils to remove what’s usually left behind, including mascara and lipstick stains. Additionally, oil cleansing is great for everyone – even when you are prone to acne. If you have been using oil-free products, you may have noticed that your skin becomes dry after a few times of using them. As a result, your skin becomes oilier to compensate for the lost oil.

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How to Oil Cleanse

First of all, you need an oil-based product and a soft wash cloth that is hot and damp. Place the cloth on your face for about 20 seconds. After that, remove the cloth and massage the oil onto your face. Let it sit for half a minute and then you can remove the product from your face with the washcloth. Gently wipe away the oil and feel the difference.

Which Oil to Use

There are many types of oil-based products and what you choose would depend on your skin type. If you have dry to normal skin, it is best that you use shea or argan oil, since these two can hydrate your skin without making you feel greasy after. Meanwhile, if you have naturally oily skin, you can use either peppermint or tea tree oil, but make sure to add castor oil or any carrier oil when you cleanse your face.

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What should you wash your face with? / PicHelp
What should you wash your face with? / PicHelp

You probably have heard about the benefits of food-grade oils, particularly extra virgin olive oil. If you can’t go to the store and you need to clean your face, just head to your kitchen and grab your olive oil. Use the oil on your face to get the benefits of vitamins and antioxidants. Other oils to use are those that are cold-pressed and not heated. Avoid canola, vegetable, and other oils that have been processed.


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