Elizabeth Broadbent, a mother to a three year old son still breastfeeds her kid against all odds, and she’s proud of it.

It’s not something you will see every day, as the World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend breastfeeding to up to six months up to two years – Broadbent and her 3 year old kid has been doing it in excess of at least a year.

Elizabeth Broadbent says it's her breast so it's  her choice / Xojane
Elizabeth Broadbent says it’s her breast so it’s her choice / Xojane

The kid who calls her “Mama Dragon,” “Mama Bear,” “Mama Owl,” or “Mama Stingray” would always ask for milk every time he wakes up, and Elizabeth gives it after breakfast.

“Sometimes he accepts this easily, wolfs down some Gorilla Munch, and forgets about milk. Sometimes he gets angry, yells and insists he wants mama milk right now. Sometimes he cries and pouts so badly I write a note: MAMA MILK AFTER BREAKFAST, I spell out on a Post-it. He can’t read, but he clutches it like a ticket, this written assurance that he will, indeed, get the cuddles and milk he needs,” she wrote in Xojane.

The extended nursing drew different reactions from readers and to no surprise, many questioned Elizabeth’s motherhood and ability to discipline her child.

The mom knows that what she’s doing is “weird” but continues with it despite admitted that many people likened it to “sexual abuse.”

Moreover, Elizabeth plans to nurse her first son “until he chose to wean,” something that has alarmed even her mother-in-law.

“I refuse to give my breasts to the male gaze. I refuse to bow to a one-size-fits-all, nurse-til-one-and-done world. For me, for now, for Baby Bear and his little brother, my breasts are for nurturing. I am happy with that decision. I love nursing my children, and I am grateful Baby Bear has benefited from extended nursing.”

“I have made my choice, and I will not be shamed,” she concluded.


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