Whenever you drink coffee, you probably reach for the cream and sugar to boost its taste. But there’s a latest trend that could make you forget about your usual coffee partners. Instead of adding cream and sugar, you should try a pat of butter. According to its proponents of the so-called Bulletproof Coffee, the favorite caffeinated drink with butter can help kick your day into overdrive.

There are a number of wellness experts that support the use butter to boost coffee’s effect and taste. If you’re thinking about jumping into the bandwagon, here are some reasons that could convince you why you should do it now:

1. Great for People On the Go

If you don’t always have time for breakfast before you head to the door, you can just add two tablespoons of butter to your coffee and this is already the equivalent of a complete meal. This quick substitute gives you the calories and essential fats you need, so that you can perform better at work or school.

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2. Energy for the Mind and Body

One of the reasons why people drink coffee is because they want to stay alert. Bulletproof coffee that contains butter gives energy for the body and the mind as well. In fact, it increases cognitive function, so that you feel more alert for as long as six hours. The best thing about this method is that unlike traditional coffee, you will not experience any form of crash.

3. Good for Weight Loss

Sure, this is something that is hard to believe. After all, butter is filled with fat and is very high in calories. However, if you regularly drink coffee that has butter in it, you are allowing your body to adjust to the increased fat intake. It becomes a routine for your body, so it is much easier to trim your waistline down. Additionally, grass-fed butter has conjugated linoleic acid or CLA, which has already been proven to reduce body fat, particularly in individuals who are deemed overweight.

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4. Healthy Fats

Coffee + Butter? Who knew? / PicHelp
Coffee + Butter? Who knew? / PicHelp

Adding butter to your coffee definitely gives you the fat that your body needs. But that’s not all, since it can also provide your brain with the healthy fats that are essential in creating membranes and hormones for better cognitive function. Butyrate, the short-chain fatty acid, is believed to be effective in preventing inflammation, heart disease, and neurodegenerative disease, while increasing energy.

For those who want a serious improvement on energy, satiety, and focus, start adding butter to your coffee today.


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