Volcanoes have the ability to destroy lands – even those that are several miles away. Living in a place that has a volcano threat can be scary, especially since it is possible for the volcano to erupt out of the blue. This may not give you enough time to evacuate. Thankfully, there are ways to help you survive in case volcanic explosion occurs.

Before the Eruption

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Most of the time, you will be given information as to when the volcano could erupt. You will also receive instructions from authorities. Be prepared to do the following even before the eruption takes place:

  1. Have your provisions ready, including blankets, food, water, medical supplies, and other important things.
  2. Mentally prepare yourself to get up and run in case flowing lava reaches your area.
  3. Know about the evacuation procedures. Oftentimes, those who are in area with a popular or well-researched volcano will receive a hazard-zone map from the authorities.
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During the Eruption

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  1. Stay indoors as much as possible. If you have pets, make sure they stay inside as well.
  2. If you really have to go outside, you should have masks and goggles to protect both your lungs and eyes from the volcanic ash.
  3. Your roof could collapse if you don’t clear the deposits of ash, which can become quite heavy. Also make sure the gutters remain clear to avoid damage of your place.
  4. If you have to evacuate, make sure that your gas and electricity are turned off.
  5. While you could become curious when there’s an explosion, you should never go sightseeing. Additionally, you should not leave your home unless government advises you to do so.

After the Eruption

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  1. Even after the explosion, you should remain indoors. You should turn on your radio and listen to the news as much as possible to learn whether or not the danger has passed.
  2. It is recommended that you avoid tap water, which is why it is important to have all the necessary supplies before the eruption. Among them is water, so have bottled water ready and drink it only even after the volcano is no longer a threat.
  3. Do not avoid medical care if you know you need it. Some people get burns or extreme allergies due to ash or gas inhalation. As soon as the officials tell you it is safe to go out, get treatment as early as possible.
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Although volcanic explosions are dangerous and terrifying, it is easy to remain safe through knowing what to do and doing the methods mentioned above.


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