Yes it’s hard (no pun intended) when you have issue going to the bathroom, when whatever you do so can’t seem to defecate peacefully and easily. It’s not a laughing matter; inability to poop is a serious health matter affecting millions around the globe.

You might have tried different popular relief: fiber, stool softener, pooping position, cleanses and detoxification but as always, it won’t hurt to add another one to your arsenal (again, no pun intended).

Constipation MassageWhat’s even better is that this technique has no downside; no unintended effects whatsoever – except maybe getting your hands dirty. There is a little stretch of skin that separates your private part and your anus called perineum – it has a pressure point that when you massage can ease up constipation. This isn’t baloney, it is a fact backed by Journal of General Internal Medicine.

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The Journal of General Internal Medicine learned that up to 1 in every 5 of us suffers from constipation on a regular basis, and it affects women more than men. This prompted the researchers to find ways to solve that besides eating fiber-rich foods. The same technique is also advised to pregnant women to help relax the area and prepare it during labor. The massage as theorized help relax the bowel too. Regularly massaging the perineum helps in breaking and softening your stool.

The study concluded that doctors should teach the technique to patients suffering constipation. It’s far more effective than cereals or body workout.


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