NASA is offering you your dream job, and it’s paying top dollar – that is you would like to get paid by simply sleeping.

The space agency will pay you $18,000 to sleep for 70 days. But before you jump off your bed and rush to Houston you should check first the catch.

This requires volunteers as they would like to call it to rest for more than two months straight as part of their study of aggressive bodily atrophy. If that doesn’t scare you check what atrophy means:

Atrophy is a decrease in size or wasting away of a body part or tissue, and it this case it’s the atrophy of your leg and back part that will be studied.

Don’t be scared. You can do whatever things you want in the course of the experiment: play games, check Facebook, watch movies, read the articles we publish and so on as long as you remain in bed.

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This could be one of the easiest job you can find, but you won't be chilling like this astronaut anyhow
This could be one of the easiest job you can find, but you won’t be chilling like this astronaut anyhow

This of course is in the name of science. NASA wants to expand its knowledge in preserving their astronaut’s health during extended space travel which as you may already have figured out doesn’t always permit a lot of movement.

If that $1200 per week compensation is not enough, know that your sacrifice will benefit human race and our space exploration: to infinity and beyond.


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