There’s a bit of controversy when it comes to using perfumes, but most of us would still wear them. It’s highly likely that you will find fake perfumes at flea market stalls. But there are now more consumers who are finding sophisticated knockoffs even at large fragrance shops.

Counterfeit perfume is definitely much cheaper than real ones. Before you go for that designer perfume with a much lower price than the original, you may want to know whether you are really saving money or you’re being fooled. Here are some ways that will help tell if the product you’re buying is truly authentic:

1. Plastic wrapping

Take a look at the plastic wrapping, noting its clarity, thickness, and overall quality. If it uses a plastic that’s brittle and cloudy, you should avoid it.

2. Price

The very low price compared to the proposed price of the perfume is a red flag. If it is too good to be true – meaning too cheap – it probably is.

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3. Seller

Beware of some sellers who are claiming that they are simply reselling the perfume that’s why they offer the product at a discounted price. As much as possible, only transact with someone you know or a reputable seller, especially when dealing with online sellers. Go to a department store instead if you want to be safe from knockoffs since you can easily examine the packaging and you can also talk to the retail staff. Be wary of flea market sellers as they can easily be offering counterfeit products.

Counterfeit perfume is definitely much cheaper than real ones / PicHelp

4. Box

The authenticity of the perfume can easily be discerned through its box, so examine it carefully before you open it. The text at the back should be free from spelling and grammatical errors. The paperboard should be of high quality, so it shouldn’t be thin and flimsy. Check the barcode placement as well. It should be at the lowest portion of the back, not the sides.

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5. Numbers

Always check the numbers, such as batch, control, and serial numbers. You can contact the manufacturer to ask if the numbers match the product.

6. Bottle

Authentic perfumes have smooth containers and fake ones are rough. Sometimes the bottles are made of plastic and are definitely poorly made. There’s also a tight-fitting cap to prevent spills for real perfumes.

All in all, if you already had an experience with authentic perfumes, you will know that they are of superior quality. Before you buy, it helps if you perform a research first about the perfume you would like to buy.


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