A bloated stomach is considered an epidemic because of how frequent it happens to almost everyone. When you are suffering from it, you feel uncomfortable. It can even cause embarrassment because you might have to keep running to the bathroom, not to mention you need to pass gas every few minutes. We usually blame what we just ate for our bloated stomach. But there are surprising reasons why you have this problem. Here they are:

1. You have a food allergy or sensitivity.

The most common sensitivities include gluten, eggs, shellfish, corn, soy, dairy, and even fruits. You can have your blood tested to know if there are allergens causing the allergy, but sensitivities are usually difficult to diagnose. Keep track of the food you eat and determine which among them cause you to feel bloated.

2. You’re under stress.

If you eat under stress, this can cause some form of digestive shutdown because of the reduced stomach acid. This results to difficulty of the digestive tract to break down food. Make sure you chew your food well or eat less, so that the body can respond better.

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3. You overeat.

Overeating causes a localized stress reaction in our digestive system, which then leads to bloating. When we ingest too much food, the body registers what we have consumed as a stressor, so digestion slows down. This results to feeling tired, instead of that normal energized feeling.

When we ingest too much food, the body registers what we have consumed as a stressor, so digestion slows down / PicHelp

4. You take antibiotics.

While antibiotics are used to treat some infections by destroying bad bacterial, they also kill healthy bacteria. This leads to bloating and can even cause other problems, such as weakened immunity, constipation, and mood swings.

5. You have bad eating habits.

Aside from not chewing well and overeating, you probably also eat on the run. Eating while standing next to the fridge or the sink won’t help prepare both your gastrointestinal system and your brain to process food.

6. You’re sleepy.

Our body has a fight and flight mode and when we’re sleep-deprived, it causes the body to fight, causing problems in the gut. Instead of digesting food, our digestive system is suppressed and bloating ensues.

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7. You have sedentary lifestyle.

Lack of movement causes the enteric nervous system (ENS) to stop functioning properly. ENS is our secondary brain and is responsible for all the details of digestion. The easiest way to keep ENS running smoothly is to do some stretching, walking, and exercising.

Bloating is usually not dangerous, but when accompanied by other symptoms, such as vomiting or nausea, skin rashes or hives, fever, itching, and unintentional weight loss, make sure you contact your doctor right away.


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