You have seen this weed on your lawn, in your gardens, and most probably in the driveway cracks. You either ignored it or tried to get rid of it. But the innocent plant is actually one of the weeds that have the biggest medicinal benefits. This is known as the plantain or Plantago major, which you may have considered a nuisance, but is actually an herb that is useful to your health.

Plantains have broad green leaves with buds that look like stalks. If you harvest this weed, which you should now consider an herb, you can take advantage of the following health benefits:

1. Astringent: Chewing on the leaves can help you heal your wounds fast, particularly those from insect bites.

2. Anti-infection and Poison: Remove poisons from your skin or halt infections by grinding and crushing the leaves. This is also effective in preventing scarring.

3. Anti-Inflammation: The leaves and seeds of plantain can help reduce inflammation, which is an immune system response. These parts of the weed are also useful in repairing gut lining damage.

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This little weed can help you bigtime! / PicHelp
This little weed can help you bigtime! / PicHelp

4. Vitamins and Minerals: This little weed comes with vitamins and minerals, including iron. Eating the leaves is recommended while they are still small and tender because they are at their tastiest. You can also eat the big leaves, but they are bitter.

5. Anti-Mosquitos: For such a long time, plantains have been used as a remedy by hikers to help them avoid being bitten by mosquitos. The leaves are also effective against bee stings, as well as other skin irritations, such as rashes, glass splinters, acne, and slivers. For best results, bandage the area with the leaves and allow them to rest on your skin for at least four hours.

Aside from crushing, grinding, and chewing the leaves, you can also make a tea out of them. The tea is beneficial as it can help you:

• Lower your cholesterol levels

• Improve your diabetes

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• Get relief from hemorrhoids

• Soothe irritable bowel syndrome

• Calm your bowels when you have diarrhea or constipation

• Get relief from bladder problems, especially those with bladder infection and UTI

• Reduce kidney problems

What’s great about the plantain weed is that it can be used by children because it is a natural remedy that is safe for everyone. Whether you eat the leaves, make into tea, infusion, or tincture, plantain is just the little weed you need to improve your health and condition.


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