We need water to survive. Our daily activities can cause us to lose fluids and it is therefore important that we replenish them. Water can replace the fluids we excreted through sweat, for instance. But while water is essential to our life, drinking hot water can cause some problems.

1. Hot water contains MORE contaminants.

If you’re getting your hot water directly from the tap, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Hot water obtained through this method is often full of contaminants. Most of the time, we neglect our pipes, causing them to stay old and rusted. If this is a problem in your house, you could be exposing yourself to lead poisoning. Additionally, contaminants are easily dissolved and spread in hot water. Instead of taking hot water from your faucet, take cold water first and heat in a kettle.

2. Hot water can scald you.

Many people enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea. They immediately drink the liquid even when it is still scalding hot. But this is a bad habit that needs to be stopped as it can cause minor burns. Don’t ever gulp the drink down; take a sip first to test if it is still hot. You not only burn your tongue and lips, but this could also lead to throat cancer if you do this consistently.

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3. Drinking hot water can injure your internal walls.

As hot water causes mouth blisters, it can also damage the lining of the esophagus as well as the digestive tract. The effect can reach quite far, particularly in the internal organs. This is because hot water exceeds our body temperature and can therefore be harmful for our internal linings.

Drinking hot water can create imbalance in the water levels of the body / PicHelp

4. Hot water can cause imbalance in the body.

Drinking hot water, especially if it’s too much such as when you are not thirsty, can create imbalance in the water levels of the body. Additionally, even if it is not hot, too much water can cause brain cells to swell. This is of course dangerous to our health.

5. Drinking hot water before sleeping can lead to disturbed sleep.

You’ve probably read that drinking hot water is useful in increasing your metabolism, especially as you sleep. However, if you drink too much of it can disrupt your sleep. It will not only lead to frequent urination, but can also disturb your peaceful sleep pattern.

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Too much of everything is always bad. Even if we are advised to drink eight glasses of water daily, it is wise to just drink when we feel thirsty to avoid overhydration. This will not only keep you up at night and affect your brain cells, but can also be harmful to your kidneys.


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