Squatting is the natural way to poop. There are so many benefits of pooping, including removing extra pounds of waste inside your body and even giving you a better posture. Unfortunately, the toilets we have now in our modern world promotes sitting down. Experts and studies confirm that they are very ill-suited for our bodies. This is because they force us into abnormal angles as we sit down to eliminate waste.

Squatting opens the sphincter of the anus, aligns the body properly, and this results to a freer evacuation. Although squatting is healthier, you may be wondering if it is a safer option. What if you slip? What if an accident happens to you while you are squatting to defecate? This is exactly what happened to a woman who sustained a massive cut on her leg after squatting on the toilet seat. Unfortunately, the toilet seat collapsed, resulting to a horrific accident. The good news is that the woman was treated immediately by the medical team.

Squatting may be the healthy way to eliminate poop, but if you are overweight, you may want to simply sit on the toilet seat to be on the safe side – even if you are using a public restroom. Instead of fearing germs and bacteria on the toilet seat, you can cover it with paper and sit on it.

Don't sacrifice your safety to be healthy / PicHelp
Never sacrifice your safety to be healthy / PicHelp


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