The kidneys are an integral part of our body, but we usually take them for granted until they stop functioning properly. It could be kidney infection, development of kidney stones, or other problems.

Whatever it is, our kidneys are very important as they are responsible for detoxifying the blood and filtering out toxins and waste products. These two bean-shaped organs have plenty of duties, making it crucial that we keep them in top health.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t know that some of our daily habits can harm our kidneys. Stop doing the following bad habits before it’s too late:

1. You don’t empty your bladder right away.

There are times when you really have to hold your pee and it’s not that harmful to your health. But if you do this habitually, it can cause kidney damage.

2. You don’t drink enough water.

Your kidneys, just like all the parts of the body, need enough water. Insufficient water can lead to less blood flow to your kidneys. As a result, your blood becomes thick, hampering the ability of the kidneys to remove toxins from the body.

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Insufficient water can lead to less blood flow to your kidneys / PicHelp

3. You eat too much salt.

Consuming too much salt on a regular basis is bad for your kidneys and your overall health. Our kidneys break down 95% of sodium from the food we eat. This means that high salt intake prompts the kidneys to work harder just to remove the salt. This can lead to poor kidney functioning and increased water retention.

4. You take painkillers regularly.

While we need painkillers from time to time, some people turn this into a habit to reduce swelling, fever, and control pain. Unfortunately, painkillers or analgesics are bad for the kidneys.

5. You consume too much protein.

We need protein, but too much of it can increase the risk of kidney disease.

6. You’re an alcoholic.

If you’re an excessive drinker, you will eventually kill your kidneys and cause harm to your health.

7. You eat too much sugar.

Aside from salt, sugar can also contribute to decreased kidney functioning. Start by avoiding sugary drinks to keep your kidneys healthy.

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8. You’re a smoker.

Smoking is bad for your health, including your organs such as your kidneys. One reason is that smoking can cause hypertension that leads to reduced blood flow to the kidneys.

9. You drink too much coffee.

You should limit your caffeine consumption to three cups daily if you want to maintain the health of your kidneys.

10. You don’t sleep enough.

Sleep is important to our health as well as to our kidneys as it allows the organs to renew or refresh themselves.

It’s not too late to stop these bad habits, which do not only harm your kidneys but can also hinder you from living a healthy life.


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