Your nails, namely your fingernails and toenails, can give clues to your health. They could tell you whether you are healthy or you have a problem that may lead to a chronic disease. Next time you take a peek at your nails, make sure you inspect them to find out what their color is.

Nail Color

Healthy nails have pink beds, which mean that they are rich in blood supply. If you discover that your nails start changing in color, this may mean that you are lacking in specific nutrients, you have an infection, a vitamin deficiency, or perhaps an accident.

White Nails: If you have white nails, you shouldn’t think that this is the ideal color. The truth is nails that are pale white indicate that you don’t have enough iron in the body. In most cases, this can lead to poor blood circulation, meaning your blood does not reach your fingers properly. You can solve this problem by upping your magnesium intake.

Nails with White Spots: This could mean that you are consuming high amounts of sugar. You may be alcoholic or you prefer fruit juices over water. This may also mean that you lack zinc, which is a mineral that you need to breakdown other minerals after you eat your food. One of the remedies for this situation is to increase the amount of chicken, whole grains, and other foods that are rich in zinc. You can also take zinc supplements and stay away from chocolates and sugary snacks.

Dark Red Nails: If your diet mainly consists of high amounts of cholesterol and fats, you may want to cut back on dairy, salt, and sugar to help your nails return to normal. If not solved immediately, this could lead to having blocked arteries. Another reason why you have dark red nails is that you may have an underactive liver. Instead of eating refine foods, go for breads and whole grain rice. Don’t forget to add vegetables and fruits in your diet and be sure to hydrate yourself with at least eight glasses of water every day.

Your nail can say so much about your health / PicHelp
Your nail can say so much about your health / PicHelp

Red-Purple Nails: Just like having white spots on your nails, having red-purple nails can mean that you consume too much sugar. This can lead to having an upset stomach because of the high amount of sugar in your diet. You may also want to slow down on juices and pharmaceutical drugs. Tropical fruits, although they are healthy and delicious, may also cause this coloring on your nails due to high sugar content. Instead, eat more veggies and whole grains to keep your nails looking normal.

You may want to stop for a while and look at your fingernails to make sure they still look normal. Even if you have healthy fingernails and toenails, they may suddenly change in color. Always consult your doctor if you think there is something wrong.


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