Holidays and social activities are instances that motivate lots of people to knock on alcohol. Indeed, many get fun when alcoholic drinks around, but you better hold your horses first. Drinking alcohol is like two-edged sword that also has its drawbacks especially towards your health. So, before you indulge to its addiction, read this information first.

Alcohol Definitely Affects Your Liver

If you are wondering why you are gaining weight more than usual, it would be probably because of alcohol, aside from your lifestyle. Intake of alcoholic beverages affects the normal function of the liver. You should take note that the liver is the organ responsible for fat burning and detoxification. Once the liver is compromised, so are its functions— less fat burning and excretion efficiency. Therefore, you gain weight.

Alcohol Depletes Vitamins

Optimum health plays a vital role in one’s cravings. For instance, in one study, it shows that deficiency in B vitamins and zinc prompts alcohol craving. When the necessary nutrients are sustained, the likelihood to engage with this vice is reduced.

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When you are indulged to alcohol, vitamin deficiency happens and this results to a variety of morbidity. Among these are inefficient stress handling and increased risk to breast cancer in women.

Say no to Alcohol now.
Say no to Alcohol now.

Sleeping Problems

Alcohol intake can affect your sleeping pattern. If it takes you hours before you can get to sleep or you wake up in the middle of the night, then it is already a sign that you are suffering from a sleeping disorder. This happens because alcohol influences the brain chemicals that are responsible for a sound and restful sleep.

Alcohol WILL Make You Look Old

Youthful and vibrant skin is one asset that anyone can uphold. However, this becomes impossible when you are intoxicated with alcohol as it causes a chain of problems. Examples are vitamin deficiencies, dehydration, and hormonal imbalance. These problems automatically affect the appearance of your skin. For instance, deficiency in vitamins B and E can make your skin look dull. As for dehydration, it leaves your skin dry and rough. Finally, hormonal imbalance can result to the popping out of pimples.

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There is no doubt that alcohol can bring multitude of problems. Before a chain of devastating health issues hit you, you better figure out the right thing to do and that is, embracing a healthy lifestyle with no alcohol in your list.


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