Has it been such a long time since you’ve had a good cry? You’re not alone. Many people perceive crying as a sign of weakness. There’s even a saying that big boys or big girls don’t cry. Apparently, this is a huge mistake because confronting your emotions actually requires strength even though it is in the form of vulnerability.

If you feel like crying, don’t hold back. Grab some tissues and learn about the health benefits of crying which include:

Crying Keeps Your Eyes Clean

When you cry, you see things around you better – literally. This is because tears obviously lubricate your eyelids and eyeballs. But more importantly, crying helps your mucous membranes fight dehydration. If you start feeling that your eyes are dry, this can lead to some vision problems. As a matter of fact, experts believe that without lubrication, our eyes will not be able to see.

Crying Can Help You Fight Colds

Believe it or not, when your eyes produce tears, they enable you to fight viruses and bacteria, specifically in and around the eyes. Every day, you pick up different types of pathogens that can affect your health. When you go to public places – such as in the grocery stores whenever you use shopping carts or when you use a public bathroom and you touch the sink – you could touch your eyes without knowing that your hands are full of bacteria or viruses. Tears become like a disinfectant because they contain lysozyme, which is so potent that it can kill up to 95% of bacteria in less than 10 minutes. When these germs are removed, you could free yourself from worrying about colds and even stomach viruses.

Emotional Tears Can Remove Toxins

A good cry has its own healthy rewards / PicHelp
A good cry has its own healthy rewards / PicHelp: Spider-Man 1

Whenever you cry because you are so miserable that you don’t have anything else to do but shed some tears, don’t worry. You will eventually feel so much better. This is because crying because of grief or distress can actually help you get rid of toxins in the body. Compared to tears that are produced because you peeled an onion or you are irritated, tears due to sadness contain so much toxic byproducts. So, when you cry, you eliminate them from your body. As you can see, crying is almost like a natural therapy that does not even cost you anything.

Next time you feel like crying, don’t stop yourself. You are actually lending a helping hand in keeping your health in tiptop shape.


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