Growing crops even just at the backyard has never been exciting when the spring season comes. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, gifted with a ‘green thumb’ or not, the excitement just surges high especially when your hobby is gardening and you look forward to the rewards. As this appears to be a fulfilling task, how can you grow plants fast?

The problems encountered by crop-enthusiasts in gardening are the waiting period in reaching crop maturity and of course, the environmental temperature. However, there is no reason for you to fret. Firstly, you have a variety to choose from on what organic vegetable to plant. Lastly, you can protect your seedlings from the cool temperature by simply covering it with a black plastic. Just do not forget to check it daily.

Want purely organic vegetables? Then grow them in your backyard, easily / PicHelp : Flickr: Kari Sullivan
Want purely organic vegetables? Then grow them in your backyard, easily / PicHelp : Flickr: Kari Sullivan

30-Day Organic Vegetables

• Cherry Belle Radish. If you are looking for a non-green vegetable, then this is one of the best choices. In fact, this crop is fast-growing and only takes 25 days to develop. Although the radish is small and round, it is still packed with essential nutrients.

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• Arugula. You can plant this staple in containers, garden beds, or window boxes. In just a period of three weeks, this green vegetable reaches maturity.

• Microgreens. The microgreen seeds sprout from 6 to 20-day period depending on how and where it is planted. If you want to see sprouts on the sixth day, then have it planted indoors in a tray with potting soil. For microgreen seeds that are grown in a 20-day period, you just have to sow the seeds in a sunny outdoor spot. Also take into consideration the 50 to 65-degree soil temperature. Nonetheless, you can taste its goodness after a few more days.

45 to 60-Day Organic Vegetables

• Sugar Ann snap peas. If your taste buds are looking for appetizing and flavorful pods, then plant the Sugar Ann snap peas. In just a matter of 56 days, you already have edible 2 ½-inch pods.

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• Contender bush beans. These veggies only have a maturity period of 49 days.

• Tomato variety. Sun Gold and Glacier tomatoes are among the varieties that are grown during the spring season. The two are fast-growing veggies. In fact, the former can be harvested after 57 days while the latter grows in 55 days.

Go and Get Into Planting Action!

Undoubtedly, planting organic vegetables is truly rewarding and fulfilling. It all starts with picking the right seeds to plant and watching over it. Nevertheless, you will not only enjoy the process, but also the result of your hard-work and patience.


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