Has it ever happened to you where you cannot move any of your fingers, causing it to get stuck in a bent position? This is known as trigger finger, which can be very painful and can happen to that finger many times. When you have a trigger finger, it is often caused by the narrowing of the tendons in that finger. Usually, diabetics are affected by this condition, although some non-diabetics also experience it especially those who use their fingers often for holding or gripping. For instance, if you use that finger very frequently, it will become susceptible to this problem. Symptoms include:

  • Pain and soreness
  • Swollen fingers
  • Difficulty in moving the finger
  • Snapping sound whenever the finger is moved
  • Stiffness

Best Natural Cures for Your Trigger Finger

The good news is that you can treat this condition without medication. In general, a little bit of rest for the finger can help alleviate the problem. However, if it doesn’t go away, here are some effective remedies:

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1. Warm water

You only need to rest and soak your affected finger or your whole hand in a bowl of warm water. Do this every day for four to six weeks until you see an improvement. While doing the treatment, it is advised to avoid overusing your trigger finger.

2. Oil

You can massage the affected finger with oil, such as coconut or olive oil. It is often helpful if you warm the oil first before you apply as this method can help with pain relief as well.

Support the finger using a splint, which can help bring it back to its normal position / PicHelp

3. Splint

Support the finger using a splint, which can help bring it back to its normal position. This is especially helpful if you often fold your finger at night unconsciously as this can result to pain when you wake up.

4. Ice

Your trigger finger can be swollen and you can reduce inflammation with the help of ice. From time to time, apply ice on the finger, while keeping it immobile for several hours a day.

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5. Vitamin B6

You can supplement on vitamin B6 or you can eat foods that are high in this vitamin. If you’re going to take supplements, you only need one capsule a day. Meanwhile, you should add more organ meats such as liver, fish, veggies, and non-citrus fruits in your diet to get plenty of vitamin B6.

The effects of the remedies mentioned above can take some time before they start to appear. You need patience, especially in massaging your finger as it can be painful and feel tight too, which is due to spasm. It can take a month or two before you start feeling better.


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