If you have an office job, you probably sit all day at work. Although your job could pay you well, it can wreak havoc on your body, particularly creating tight hips. When you have tight hips, you cannot play your favorite sports or any recreational activity. This is why it is time to loosen those tight hips with these stretching exercises:


Basic Poses


1. Pigeon: This pose lets you focus on one hip at a time. First, sit with one knee bent while the other leg is extended behind you. Pull one of your heels toward the opposite hip. Stay at this position while you rest your hands on your thigh or your hips while you breathe deeply and slowly for at least five seconds. Switch with the other position after.

Extended Wide Squat

2. Extended Wide Squat: Instead of one hip, you get to target both hips at once. Stand up with your feet a little bit wider than your hips. Then, bend both knees and lower yourself to the ground. Place your palms at your center and press firmly with your elbows against the insides of your knees. Release your hands to the floor then walk with them away from your feet after holding the pose for five breaths.

Happy Baby

3. Happy Baby: This can calm your tight hips where you start by lying flat on your back. Then, you will bend both of your knees while holding the edges of your flexed feet. Make sure your arms stay on the outsides of your legs. Now, use your upper body to press both of your knees to the floor, just right under your armpits. Keep everything relaxed for five seconds and release.

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Wide-Legged Split

4. Wide-Legged Split: Place your hands on the floor with your feet apart. Your soles should be flat on the ground no matter what to protect your knees. Lower your hips to the ground while you prop yourself up with your forearms. You can then lower your upper body until your shoulders are on the ground. Hold the position for five breaths and then slowly walk your feet back together.

Intense Stretching

Open Lizard

1. Open Lizard: As you sit eight hours a day, your hip flexors or the muscles at the front of your hips can get too tight. To do the open lizard, do the lunge position with one knee forward and the other to the floor. Your hands should be on the ground just right below your shoulders. Lower one knee slowly while keeping your arms straight. Then, press your chest forward to stretch more. Hold the pose for five breaths then repeat on the other side.

Double Pigeon

2. Double Pigeon: Straighten your legs out in front of you as you sit on the floor. Bend one knee and place it on the floor in parallel with your pelvis. Then, bend the other knee on top of the other so your legs make a small triangle. Place your hands in front of your shins then start walking as far as you can while keeping your chest folded toward your legs. Release the pose after five breaths before switching.

More Exercises

Head to Knee

1. Head to Knee: Performed by many runners, first you sit on the ground while your legs are out in front of you. Then, bend one of your knees and pull the foot against the other’s inner thigh. Sit straight then slowly reach both of your hands to the other foot while you keep your torso on top of your thigh. Stay in this position for five breaths and move to the other side.

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2. Butterfly: Sit on the ground and bend both of your knees while bringing your feet together. With your hands, open your feet up as if you are opening a closed book. Press your knees down the floor with your leg muscles. Stretch out your spine and take a deep breath, but make sure your shoulders are relaxed. Look in front of you or keep your gaze toward your feet. Hold the post for five breaths and then move forward very slowly to draw your torso in the direction of your legs. As you do this, your spine should always remain straight.

Tight hips can be almost everybody’s problem. You can be a blogger, dancer, cyclist, or a runner and this can happen to you. Give your hips some extra love with the stretches mentioned above.

Editor’s Note: All images used in the post are from Louisa Larson Photography h/t PopSugar


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