Detoxing may seem tempting, especially with the hype that’s surrounding it. There are even ways that allow you to formulate your own method of detoxing. With tons of people (and even experts) attesting to the efficiency of detoxing for our health, it’s no wonder why everyone wants to try it. But now, there are health authorities urging us why a detox or cleanse isn’t right for our bodies. Here are the reasons why:

1. We already have organs that can do the detoxing for us.

We have our liver, skin, lungs, and kidneys – all these organs can detoxify our body. Instead of going on a juice cleanse, give these organs a hand. For instance, stop drinking alcohol or at least reduce the amount of alcohol you consume and do this on a permanent basis. It is recommended that you drink just 14 units per week consistently and this can provide better benefits than a short-term cleanse.

2. Detoxing means you need to eliminate some important food groups.

There are many proposed methods of detoxing, such as a green juice diet or those that compel you to eliminate dairy and/or wheat. This means you will need to remove important sources of nutrients, including protein. Unfortunately, this can lead you short of essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, B complex vitamins, magnesium, and iron.

Detoxing means you need to eliminate some important food groups / PicHelp

3. Your calorie intake could be restricted.

Some people want to restrict their calorie intake to reduce weight, but there’s always a daily recommendation. When you go on a detox diet, you could end up below the recommended daily amount of calories you need to consume. Ideally, the current recommendations are 2,000 calories for women and 2,500 for men – although this would depend on your height, activity levels, and build. If you’re on a juice cleanse, you could end up consuming just 600 calories per day. Instead of cutting calories, it’s more effective to simply eliminate surplus calories by ditching sweet treats, alcohol, and extra-large servings of food. These methods will have a better effect on both your waistline and energy levels.

4. It’s harder to keep exercising.

When you’re detoxing, you’re low on calories and nutrients, which will make your exercise regime tough. Additionally, most detox plans take away caffeine and this could have a negative effect on your workout, causing you to be sleepy and tired. Your body needs fuel for you to keep working out and this can’t be achieved as you reduce your usual food intake.

Most people detox because they want to lose weight. But unfortunately, following a strict diet plan for a long period of time is quite impossible no matter how persistent you are. Once the novelty of drinking potions and detox liquids wears off, you will soon crave for fatty foods. Detoxing only works for a short period of time and this doesn’t really have a lasting effect on your waistline and even your health.


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