Losing weight in 12 weeks and maintaining it can be difficult, but it is realistic. As long as you know how to stick to your diet and exercise plan, you will eventually achieve your weight goal. It is healthy to lose one to two pounds every week, so by 12 weeks you should be able to lose 12 to 24 pounds.

The key here is discipline when it comes to incorporating consistent, vigorous workouts and healthy eating adjustments into your daily routine.

Here are 12 proven tips that will help you make it through the weight loss ordeal:

1. Increase your water intake.

Water has no calories and carbs, making it the perfect liquid to drink rather than drinking those sweetened juices – even fruit smoothies.

2. Stop eating all kinds of white grain products.

White rice, pasta, and other white grains only add more weight to your body, while increasing bloating in the abdominal area.

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3. Have a balanced breakfast.

Eat foods rich in carbs and proteins to balance your blood sugar levels, while keeping hunger pangs away.

4. Don’t eat while you watch TV.

Your favorite TV shows serve as a distraction that can cause you to eat more, especially caloric foods.

5. Eat smaller portions throughout the day.

Instead of eating three full meals, divide them into smaller portions without starving yourself.

Achieve your weight goal with this 12-week diet plan / PicHelp

6. Have a cheat day.

Just once a week, give in to your cravings, so as not to pressure yourself.

7. Drink green tea in place of coffee.

A study showed that green tea helps burn 70 more calories than those who don’t drink the beverage, including those who are addicted to caffeine.

8. Eat less.

Needless to say, you should reduce the amount of food you consume.

9. Cut your calorie intake gradually.

Start by decreasing 500 calories at first then cut more if necessary.

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10. Stay away from processed foods.

Canned goods, white flour, and everything that has been processed can cause weight gain.

11. Eat healthy.

Consume more vegetables and fruits, especially on an empty stomach to speed up digestion.

12. Eat more protein.

If possible, have protein in every meal to lose weight faster.

Of course, you will also need to exercise to speed up your weight loss results. If you don’t lose weight fast enough, remain patient. Losing weight will never happen overnight. Follow your diet plan, persevere, and you will soon see your excess weight coming off.


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