Dandelion is frequently seen in parks and gardens and it is popularly used as an ornamental plant. However, it is more than just a decoration or even a pesky weed. Dandelions are actually full of medicinal uses that include the following:

Skin Cancer

Also known as melanoma, skin cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers as it is notoriously resistant to chemo. Using the root extracts from the dandelion herb, melanoma cells can be treated by causing the cells to die without affecting healthy cells.

Breast and Prostate Cancers

Research showed that extracts from the dandelion leaves decreased cells that grow due to breast and prostate cancers. The root extracts from the plant also have great uses against cancer as they can be used to block the cancer cells from spreading.


The root extracts can help kill cancerous cells that cause leukemia, which is a highly aggressive cancer that can resist drugs.

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For those searching for a quick way to detoxify the body, dandelion leaf tea can help with this purpose. It has diuretic effects that can be useful in cleansing the kidneys. Dandelion herb can help get rid of excess salt and water by flushing out through the urine. The dandelion leaf tea can be made using dried or fresh leaves. To make, just add a quarter cup of fresh dandelion leaves or a teaspoon of dried leaves to one cup of hot water. Let the concoction steep for about 10 minutes before letting it cool to get it ready as tea.

Weight Loss

Another reason why dandelion leaf tea is a beverage to try is that it can help with weight loss. The tea may release pancreatic lipase, which is an enzyme form the pancreas that breaks down and improves the absorption of fats.

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Dandelions are actually full of medicinal uses / PicHelp

Lower Cholesterol

The root and leaves of the dandelion herb can help reduce low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which is the bad type of cholesterol that can cause atherosclerosis.

Liver Health

There have been many experiments that involved dandelion leaves and roots in which they proved these parts of the herb have regenerative and therapeutic effects, particularly on the liver. Make sure you talk to your doctor first before you take any dandelion treatment, especially if you already have a liver condition.

Dandelion root extracts can be found in supplements in the form of capsules, teas, and tablets. The root can also have other herbs to support several organs, including the gallbladder and liver.


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