You may be thinking about some questions and you want the answers, but you are afraid to ask. Fear no more because here are some of the awkward questions about health along with the answers:

Admit it, you've asked at least one of these questions / PicHelp
Admit it, you’ve asked at least one of these questions / PicHelp

1. Why do other people’s farts smell worse than mine?

It has been backed by science that individuals tend to prefer the smell of their “air attacks” because they are familiar with their own bacteria. When someone else passes gas, your body immediately thinks it’s poison due to the bad smell, so the brain tells you the obvious: it doesn’t smell good.

2. Is it bad to stop myself from farting?

Still on the subject of farts, they are a part of natural process of the body. When there’s extra gas within, it will be expelled. However, when you’re in a public place with your friend or you’re on a date, you most probably want to hold your fart in. There are some good news and bad news with this. Good news first: The urge will eventually pass and it will just come out when you are sleeping. Bad news: it is bad for your health, particularly your bowels. Some negative effects may appear, including bloating. Also, if you turn this to a habit, you could end up with hemorrhoids or swollen bowels.

3. I always brush my teeth, but my breath still stinks. What gives?

Brushing only cleans teeth, and therefore does not get rid of bad breath, which is a problem that happens in your tongue and throat. Bacteria without oxygen in the mouth can produce sulfur, which smells rotten. Drink more water and eat vegetables with oxygen, such as celery and parsley.

4. Am I harming the ocean creatures if I pee in their habitat?

If you’re guilty about peeing in the ocean, you don’t have to be shamefaced about it anymore. Experts say that urine is made of 95% water with some chloride and sodium ions, just like table salt. Therefore, you didn’t contribute to the water pollution.

5. I also peed in the pool. Should I be guilty about that?

Many years ago, peeing in the pool was said to generate cyanogen chloride, a toxic chemical that is almost the same as tear gas. However, further studies have shown this is not real unless there’s 2:1 ratio between water and chlorine. Just because it’s chemically safe to pee in the pool doesn’t mean you should.

6. After drinking, why do I have a hangover?

The answer to this is actually simple: you drank too much alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration as it keeps you peeing more than usual. It also increases stomach acid production, while slowing down how the stomach rids of its contents – therefore leading to vomiting. If you drink often, your blood vessels will dilate, giving you headaches. All these are the key ingredients of a hangover.

7. Why do I keep touching a bruise?

When you have a tender bruise, it hurts. But you still like to poke or touch it while it is still so sensitive. Don’t be uncomfortable, as this is actually a common habit in many people. Experts say this is a human’s way of managing pain. Meanwhile, if you keep picking a scab, this could be due to obsessive compulsive disorder. Other experts disagree and state this is just a way to groom one’s self.

8. Will old age be the reason why I die?

Unfortunately, the answer here is no. this is because no organism dies just because the cells in the body are too old to function. Old cells though are weak and this can cause breakdown of some organs.

9. Why do I have sweaty palms whenever I’m nervous?

Palmar hyperhidrosis is a medical condition for those who have excessively sweaty palms. This happens when a person is under emotional stress. Sometimes, it is caused by the body when it is trying to regulate its temperature. In truth, it’s not only the palms that start sweating when you are scared, nervous, or excited. Your face, armpits, and soles of your feet also begin perspiring.

10. I get clogged nose all the time, but only one nostril is congested. Is this normal?

Yes it is normal because nostrils always divide the assignment equally – one nostril takes care of air going in and out, while the other only takes a smaller amount of air. When your autonomic nervous system switches things up, one nostril will do most of the work for a few minutes. When you get sick, the nostril that’s on a break will get clogged.

11. Does everyone throw up when they get dizzy or is it just me?

Most people do vomit when they get dizzy because the brain believes it is being poisoned. Puking actually happens because something is irritating your brain, your gut, or your hormones are just imbalanced (just like when you’re pregnant).

12. Why do I have gray hair?

In reality, hair has no color because its hue depends on the secretion of pigments. This is why your hair seems to change color over time. As you grow older, the body stops creating the pigment, so the hair returns to its normal hue: white or gray. Some people tend to have gray hair earlier than others, because it is controlled by genetics.

Hopefully, these questions satisfy your curiosity. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask your health provider some queries, even though you think they are ultra-embarrassing.


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