Tongue burn is a mouth injury that many people experience. Whether it is from a hot pizza, tea, coffee, or chocolate, a burnt tongue is uncomfortable and causes pain on the tongue and even around the mouth.

Apart from that, swelling and redness are symptoms as well. A severely burnt tongue can even lead to loss of taste and blistering. Although temporary, this can cause a lot of discomfort.

Luckily, if you have a burnt tongue, you can soothe and heal it faster at home. Here are five effective remedies you can try:

1. Sugar

When your tongue hurts because you burned it, go straight for your jar of sugar. Just one teaspoon can help soothe your tongue. Hold the sugar on your tongue and let it touch the roof of your mouth. Instant pain relief will be felt as the sugar starts to dissolve.

2. Ice Cubes

Cooling is one of the best ways to soothe pain due to a burnt tongue. It also helps heal the damaged cells, so sucking on ice cubes or even a popsicle can really be an effective remedy. If there are no ice cubes, you can simply sip on a glass of cold water and let the liquid stay around the mouth for a few seconds before you swallow. You can also place your tongue in running tap water to soothe your burnt tongue.

3. Yogurt

Another way to help you heal your injured tongue is through eating some yogurt. It is not only healthy, but also has soothing properties that can make you feel better. Just take a spoonful of yogurt and let it sit on your tongue for a while before swallowing.

A severely burnt tongue can even lead to loss of taste and blistering / PicHelp

4. Honey

Honey can help reduce swelling of the tongue and alleviate the pain you feel. One spoonful of honey applied on the burnt area of the tongue can definitely make you feel better.

5. Breathing

Here’s a really easy way to speed up healing of your burnt tongue. All you have to do is to breathe through your mouth. Cold air will rush over your tongue as you inhale.

The five methods above will surely help soothe your tongue and reduce swelling. As you recuperate, it is best to stay away from anything acidic, including tomatoes, fruit juices, citrus fruits, and vinegar. If you really want to drink some juice, add extra amount of water, so that the acid will be weaker than normal. Salty foods, including potato chips, can also irritate your tongue, so you should avoid them as much as possible.


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