You probably want to know whether you are at risk of an early death or not, but unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that can tell you how long you will live. The good news though is that there are some tests that can help you determine how long you could live. One of which is through the very simple sitting test. You only have to sit and stand correctly to learn what you want to know. However, there is a catch: you cannot use your hands.

Your flexibility and strength will be used to find out how long you will live. This test is studied by a Brazilian physician named Claudio Gil Araujo. This study was developed when the doctor noticed that most of his older patients cannot control their body movements, resulting to poor motions. Movements include bending down to get an item from the floor, which is evidence that age does contribute to loss of muscle power and decrease in the ability to balance the body. These flaws could easily lead to dangerous falls, which could be fatal to the person.

The Sitting-Rising Test

The sitting-rising test (SRT) is a way to determine a person’s flexibility and core strength, which can be used to predict longevity. It is pretty simple to do the SRT test. First, you should stand on your bare feet in a space where you can freely move. Now, lower yourself down until you get to a sitting position. Make sure that you don’t use anything else, including your hands, forearms, knees, and the sides of your legs to support your body. After sitting, stand back up without getting help from any part of the body.

What’s Your Result?

After you have done the sitting-rising test, you should take note of your score. Scoring is based on the number of limbs you used and didn’t use. Start with sitting where you get five points for completing the job. However, make sure to subtract one point for every limb that you use and half a point when you lose balance. Next is standing where you also have five points. Use the same rules for scoring as with sitting.

How long will you live? Isn't that the right question? / PicHelp
How long will you live? Isn’t that the right question? / PicHelp

If you scored lower than eight points, Dr. Araujo said that you have a high chance of dying within the next six years. If you scored higher, you could live much longer than six years. Meanwhile, if you scored three or lower, you have five times more chance of dying on the same year.


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