Whether you’re overweight or you carry a bit of extra pounds, you surely want to lose weight. There are numerous ways proposed to help us get rid of unwanted fat and most of them promise that they are not only effective, but they also work fast. We want to make sure losing weight doesn’t affect our health, which is why some supplements are recommended for faster weight loss.

One is known as p-synephrine, which is said to help people lose up to 42 grams of body fat in just an hour. Of course, you need to exercise to achieve this weight loss.

The good news is that it is backed by science. Based on a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, supplements with p-synephrine can help oxidize body fat with the help of eating healthy and exercising.

A Common Vitamin that Can Burn Fat

While most people aren’t aware of p-synephrine, which is an alkaloid (meaning it is a natural compound), other studies showed there is one vitamin supplement that can help us shed extra pounds. This vitamin is simply vitamin D, which is crucial to our bones, our mental health, and our immunity. Unfortunately, a report in 2000 published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that 77% of Americans are deficient in this vitamin.

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Vitamin D encourages the body to melt the fat away / PicHelp

How Can Vitamin D Help You Lose Weight?

Unlike many other vitamins, the body can produce vitamin D as long as you’re exposed to sunlight. But we have sunscreen, which – although can prevent cancer and wrinkles – reduces the ability of our skin to make the vitamin from 90 to 99%. There are also factors that affect how you receive vitamin D with the help of the sun, including air pollution and the time of the day you are exposed to it. To get vitamin D safely, these can help:

  • Add more foods to your diet that are rich in vitamin D, such as hard-boiled egg, unsalted almonds, orange juice (D-fortified), yogurt, and tomato.
  • Have a doctor check your vitamin D levels through 25-hydroxy vitamin D (25-OH D).
  • Eat snacks to reduce cravings and help you gain vitamin D.

Every cell in our body requires vitamin D to function correctly, including our fat cells. There are special receptors that signal the brain whether the body should burn fat or store it and vitamin D is able to plug into these receptors. This means it encourages the body to melt the fat away.


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