Even if you consider yourself pretty neat and tidy, you could be wrong about some points, particularly when keeping your house clean. Of course, every house is the same, but knowing how frequent you should clean each part of your dwelling is imperative. Some rooms in the house need more cleaning than others; it all depends on the purpose of the area and how much you use it.

So how often should you clean your household? Here is your simple guide:

Living Room

• Carpets: Deep clean them at least once a year, but vacuum them every week.

• Ceiling Fans: Clean every month or at least every three months.

• Windows and Blinds: DIY cleaning is recommended every month, but don’t forget to call pros every year.

• Window Screens: Clean them once a year.


• Refrigerator: Remove everything for thorough cleaning at least every three months.

• Oven: This needs cleaning every six months.

• Dishwasher: Clean the dishwasher every month.

• Kitchen Sink: Include the drain when cleaning the kitchen sink every day.


• Toilet: Clean the surface every week, but needs deep cleaning every month.

• Tiled Surface: Clean once a year.

• Shower Heads: Remove deposits by cleaning yearly.

• Bath Mats: Clean at least every two weeks.

• Bath Towels: They need cleaning every week.

When to clean what? / PicHelp
When to clean what? / PicHelp


• Bed sheets: They should be clean every week.

• Mattress: Try to clean them every six months.

• Pillows: Regular cleaning should be done at least every six months.

• Blankets: Keep them tidy at least every six months.

Try to follow the recommendations above to keep your home clean all year round.