Peni waraka is what a jackfruit is called in Sri Lanka. Whether you prefer the local name or the English name, this fruit is much loved for its taste. The peni waraka is a sweet and delicious fruit that is a member of the mulberry family. It is native to Southern Asia, including India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, but it is also found in Southeast Asia, such as in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The Jack of All Fruits Jackfruit aka Peni Waraka Health Benefits
This tasty fruit is aptly named, no pun intended / PicHelp

Peniwaraka is not only tasty, but it is also packed with nutrients and health benefits. You can take advantage of the vitamins and minerals it contains, plus the fact that it does not have saturated fats and cholesterol.

Health Benefits

When you eat peniwaraka, here are the health benefits you can possibly gain:

  1. Have wrinkle-free skin. Eating jackfruit can help you remove wrinkles. In many places, the seed is consumed as well. Don’t throw them away if you are not used to eating it. Instead, dip them in cold milk for about a minute. You need to grind the seeds afterward and then apply them to your wrinkles. In six weeks, you will notice the difference.
  2. Have enough protein. While you may not eat jackfruit every day, adding the seeds to your daily diet can actually help you get enough protein. You don’t have to eat the seeds alone since they can also be an ingredient of different dishes.
  3. Have healthy blood circulation. Eating jackfruit and its seeds can promote blood flow. This has many advantages to your health and even your physical beauty as this aids in hair growth.
  4. Have stronger immune system. The peni waraka has adequate amounts of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that can aid in protecting the body against infections caused by viruses and bacteria.
  5. Have bolstered protection against cancer. Vitamin C, along with the phytonutrients found in jackfruit, can protect you against cancer. The lignans, saponins, and isoflavones among many others are able to eliminate the free radicals that could invade the body and cause diseases, such as cancer.
  6. Have a healthy digestive system. Peni waraka or jackfruit is actually well-known for having anti-ulcer properties. It therefore has the ability to soothe the digestive system, so you don’t experience stomach pains. The fruit also contains fiber, which is a nutrient that prevents constipation.

Peni waraka has vitamins and minerals that make it one of the best-tasting fruits with numerous health benefits.