The slogan may be saying that you do the dew, but the best advice for you is don’t. While many studies prove that sodas should be avoided because of their insane amount of sugar, make staying away with Mountain Dew mandatory.

Here are some reasons why:

The Mountain Dew Mouth

Mountain Dew is a favorite drink of many, but it’s more special for those who are in the Appalachian Mountains that run from Alabama to New York. In fact, they love it so much many children are now experiencing the Mountain Dew Mouth.

What is it really? It refers to the growing phenomenon of rotted teeth. Tooth decay develops when a person consumes food and drinks that are incredibly high in acid and sugar. Acid makes the enamel thinner while sugar, combined with bacteria, leads to cavities. If these left untreated, the teeth become brown, rotted, and vulnerable to infection. About 65% of children are diagnosed with this disease.

False Source of Energy

If you have been paying attention to the ads of Mountain Dew, they promote one thing: adventure. It feels as if the soda can give you the energy you need to be active. It further strengthens the message by sponsoring extreme games.

Does a bottle of Mountain Dew carry a ton of problems? / PicHelp
Does a bottle of Mountain Dew carry a ton of health problems? / PicHelp

But do you really get energy from it? The answer is no. All you get is sugar, which can lead to insulin resistance if drinking this becomes a habit. Moreover, the sudden spike of sugar can also mean sugar crash that makes you hungry quickly. Besides, sodas can cause dehydration, forcing you to drink more.


A new study suggests that exercise doesn’t lead to weight loss but rather decreased consumption of sugar and excessive carbohydrates. Sugar causes obesity and metabolic syndromes, including polycystic ovaries, which can make women infertile. When it comes to sodas, one of the potential triggers is BPA, which is used to line the can so the acid in the drink doesn’t corrode the container. However, BPA can disrupt hormone interactions.

Bromine Poisoning

Bromine is a kind of vegetable oil that is found in pasta—and soft drinks such as Mountain Dew. Too much intake of this can cause problems such as memory loss, disorders affecting the nerves, and skin lesions.

Now would you still drink Mountain Dew?