You probably already know how devastating it is to have Alzheimer’s. If a loved one is diagnosed with this type of dementia, it is not a secret how it progresses through different stages. In the United States, there are over five million seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The number is equal to one in nine or roughly 11% of all people with the age of at least 65 years old. Around the world, there are 44 million sufferers and this number is said to skyrocket come 2030 to 76 million.

The Experiment

Even though you have a loved one who has Alzheimer’s, it doesn’t mean you understand what they are going through. This is why there’s an experiment created by PK Beville, along with Laurie Labishak, who administered it to Blaine Wilson.

Lawanda lived with her son, Blaine who has just gotten married. Unfortunately, Blaine thought his mom was too much to handle. She wandered off, lit fires, and drove his car. The fact that Lawanda looked healthy made both Blaine and his wife, Georgia upset about how she acted. It was definitely frustrating for the newlyweds and it was mostly because they did not understand what was going on – until the experiment was conducted.

Blaine was asked to put on goggles that mimic macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. He was also asked to put on latex gloves and then his fingers were taped to make the hands clumsy and arthritic. There was also a substance placed in his shoes, so that walking would become difficult. Finally, he wore headphones that produced nonstop noise.

When everything was in place, Blaine was asked to perform some simple tasks, including clearing the dishes off the table. Just like his mom, he found it really hard to accomplish the task. One of the reasons was that he couldn’t see well and therefore, he couldn’t easily find the kitchen. With this, he said he was giving up on the chore. When he finally found the kitchen, he couldn’t remember what he was doing there. Again, there was a similarity with his mother’s actions.

When the experiment was completed in just 12 minutes, Blaine was obviously stunned and realized how scary it must be for his mother. Even with the simplest instructions, he could not recall what he was ordered to do. It was indeed a life altering experience and he finally grasped that his mother needs his understanding and his guidance above all else.

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