Seborrheic dermatitis or what we all know as dandruff is a very common disorder of the scalp. Oftentimes, the cause is dry skin, but irritated oily skin, fungal and bacterial growth, and inflammatory conditions can lead to dandruff. Although it is usually not a serious problem, it can cause discomfort because it is extremely itchy. Plus, the flakes can be embarrassing.

Having a healthy hair care habit can solve the problem. There are also natural remedies you can try that can help you get rid of dandruff permanently.

1. Coconut Oil

Due to its antifungal properties, coconut oil can eliminate dandruff, while moisturizing your dry scalp. It can also relieve itching. Add juice from half a lemon to the oil and apply onto your scalp. Massage for a few minutes and wait at least 20 minutes before washing. This remedy should be done two to three times weekly.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar can restore the scalp’s pH balance, which stops yeast growth. ACV can also clean the hair follicles as well as clogged pores. To use, just take two tablespoons of the vinegar and mix it with water. Add 15 to 20 drops of tea tree oil and start massaging the mixture onto the scalp. Like the first remedy, do this two to three times every week.

Seborrheic dermatitis can cause discomfort because it is extremely itchy / PicHelp

3. Baking Soda

This common kitchen ingredient is a mild exfoliant, so it is effective in removing dead skin cells. Baking soda can also absorb excess oil on the scalp, while balancing the scalp’s pH levels. These benefits can reduce fungi growth that can help get rid of dandruff. Just rub your hair with baking soda when you shower and then rinse it with warm water. It is not recommended that you use shampoo when you use this home remedy.

4. Olive Oil

Before using olive oil, you need to heat it up first. When it is slightly warm, massage onto hair and use a warm towel to wrap your hair with the oil. Don’t rinse for at least 45 minutes. You can use shampoo and conditioner after. Olive oil can combat scalp dryness effectively.

Dandruff gets worse when you are anxious or stressed. The truth is dandruff is not something you can simply eliminate, but you can control it, so the flakes disappear. Aside from the natural treatments above, you should take good care of your hair and scalp. You should also avoid stress as much as possible, especially when you already have dandruff.