At first glance, tangerines look like any other orange-looking fruit: they are round and tangy in flavor. However, this fruit, which is abundant in Southeast Asia, is never second rate.

Here are some of the many benefits of eating tangerines:

Anti-cancer Properties

To be clear, most of the studies conducted on the fruit in relation to its effectiveness in preventing and fighting cancer were performed on animal models. Statistics show that results are not often replicated to humans. However, that does not mean that tangerines have no means of reducing your risk. Moreover, this only means more extensive trials have to be conducted on the fruit.

They are rich in flavonoids, a very powerful antioxidant, that have the potential of stopping the proliferation of cancer cells. They also promote cellular death, which is an extremely important process to give way for newer and healthier body cells.

Brain Development

Pregnant women and new moms may want to add tangerine into their diet. The fruit contains a lot of folate, which then promotes the development of DNA. It therefore encourages good brain development.

Nevertheless, adults should also eat the fruit whether they are pregnant or not as it can delay changes in the DNA structure, which may cause the formation of cancer.

Tangerine, it's more than just an orange alternative / PicHelp
Tangerine, it’s more than just an orange alternative / PicHelp

If you are wondering why a patient needs to be observed within the next 24 hours or sometimes for days after being operated on or when he or she is suffering from a tremendous injury like burns, it is because infection can set in.

While various kinds of bacteria can affect the healing process, one of the most dangerous is called Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause sepsis. It is a life-threatening situation wherein the entire body is attacked by the bacteria, and various signs such as low blood pressure, damage to the major organs, organ failure, and insufficient blood flow can mean amputation of the limbs, removal of organs, or worse death.

When transformed into an essential oil, however, tangerines can significantly reduce the odds of developing an infection. They can be applied topically or administered orally.