Like many consumers, you probably opt for store-bought bread as they are quite convenient to buy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to choose the right loaf.

There are ingredients that are quite puzzling, such as “unbleached wheat flour.” Also, there are bread packages that claim to be heart-healthy, with double fiber, or are good for the digestive system.

But with a little know-how, you will eventually end up with the best bread that is truly good for your health. You can crack the code behind these baffling labels by following these pieces of advice from experts:

1. Go for Whole Grain Breads

Don’t just go for any kind of bread. Whole grains are the best option in the market. These breads offer:

  • Lots of fiber for healthy digestion
  • More stamina
  • More energy

Whole grain breads are definitely healthier than the ones most consumers are used to eating.

2. Check What Wheat is Used

Don’t go for any kind of wheat – it should be organic wheat, especially if you have diabetes. This type of wheat does not affect your blood sugar levels and even regulates the insulin production of the body.

3. Trust Your Eyes

Whenever you’re shopping for bread, use your eyes to see if there are actual grains or pieces of them all over the bread, not just on top. These grains can encourage your body to work harder when it comes to digesting the food you ate. This also prevents the blood sugar from spiking. Even though the bread claims to be whole-grain, it should use real grains, not whole-grain flour.

Different Bread Types4. Buy Fermented Bread

Some people don’t like the taste of fermented bread, but this type of bread provides you with a significant dose of healthy bacteria, which can help the digestive system and even promote good metabolic rate. Fermented bread is also ideal for diabetics.

5. Craving for Nutty Breads? Choose Bread with Almonds

Breads with almonds are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially protein. Plus, they taste really good.

6. It Could Still Be White Flour

It is always necessary that you check the ingredients of the bread you want to buy. Know that wheat flour is not different from white flour. This is just a code used by some bakers to disguise the ingredients they use. Additionally, if you see the phrases, such as unbleached flour, enriched wheat flour, or anything that uses “enriched,” you’re actually getting refined white flour.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you buy bread. Make sure that you avoid white bread because they are made from refined white flour whose essential nutrients have been stripped and replaced with chemicals.