Intestinal gas is not only painful, but can be embarrassing as well, especially if you are out in public with your friends. It is imperative that you look for ways to relieve yourself from gas as soon as possible. This way, you won’t have to expel too much gas that can call other people’s attention in such an unattractive way.

Thankfully, there are home remedies you can try when you are having some gas problems. You don’t have to go to the pharmacy and you also get to save yourself from embarrassment with the following ways:

Hot Water: This is one of the easiest remedies out there. Gulping down some hot water can instantly reduce pains brought about by gas.

Peppermint Tea: To soothe your stomach pains, drink some peppermint tea, which has menthol-like properties. In a glass or cup of hot water, add the peppermint tea bag. Make sure to cover the cup or glass to keep the menthol and other agents in the tea.

Fennel Seeds: If you are prone to flatulence, you may want to keep some fennel seeds around. You only need to chew them and you can get relief from gas pains. An alternative is to put the seeds in a cup of hot water for at least three minutes. Drink the liquid slowly to get the relief you are looking for.

Ginger: This spice is very effective in preventing gas, not just as a cure. If you want to keep those annoying gas troubles away, all you need to do is to chew on a piece of ginger after every meal. You can also eat foods that have ginger incorporated into their ingredients list. Another alternative is to make a ginger tea by adding some ginger to a cup of freshly boiled water. Drink three times a day to achieve desired results.

Have goes or feeling bloated? We got you covered / PicHelp
Have goes or feeling bloated? We got you covered / PicHelp

Cinnamon: One of the fast acting natural methods of removing gas is to drink cinnamon. An effective recipe involves a warm cup of soy milk or whey with half a teaspoon cinnamon. Put some honey if you want and let this mixture sit for about five minutes. Drink it slowly while it is still hot and you will find that it is indeed a gas pain reliever.

Having gas is very uncomfortable as it causes you to belch, feel bloated, and constantly passing unpleasant gas. Choose from the remedies above and you can get rid of your problem in no time.