Roasting vegetables is considered one of the easiest ways to prepare a healthy meal. Knowing the step by step procedure will result to a caramelized exterior with tender and moist interior that tastes excellent. However, roasting veggies, as you may have learned, is not always easy. There are common mistakes to know about in order to avoid disastrous results. Here are some tips in roasting vegetables to perfection:

Choose Your Vegetables

You can roast any vegetable you want, but there are some that will truly benefit from this cooking technique. You can include onions, carrots, and potatoes. If you want to use vegetables with green hue, such as broccoli and green beans, you will find that they are not very much suited for roasting. This is because they turn olive green and most of them will shrivel before they become tender. In this case, you have to know which vegetables to go for when roasting.

Know How to Cut the Veggies Correctly

In order to save time, you probably just cut the veggies any way you think they should look like. The trick here is to have them at the same size, so that it will be easier and faster to cook them. If you are working with squash, potato, or any other starchy veggies, you should dice them into one and a half inch to two inch pieces, so they will cook evenly.

Some Veggies Require Oil, Some Don’t

After cutting the veggies, you may be inclined to use a coat of oil on the vegetables. However, not all of them may need it. Some, such as eggplant and mushrooms that have absorbent flesh, need more oil than root crops.

Provide Some Space for the Vegetables

You probably like to see the vegetables crowded in one pan, but this is not ideal. When vegetables are being cooked together, they tend to give off steam. This will lead to mushier veggies instead of giving you crispy and tasty results.

Roasting vegetables is a hot trend / PicHelp
Roasting vegetables is a hot trend / PicHelp

Know the Right Temperature

Roasting your veggies slowly in an oven with low heat is not the way to go. It is more recommended that you roast them at 400 to 450 degrees, the right temperature range for that nice caramelized and crunchy exterior. Inside, you will find that the vegetables are cooked just right. Don’t aim to go lower than the said temperature range as the veggies will easily turn mushy.

Finally, don’t leave your vegetables alone while you are roasting. To make sure that they cook evenly and will turn brown nicely, give them a toss while they are in the oven.