Are you still single? If you are then better have yourself checked because you may very well have a medical condition.

You may be suffering from gamophobia or the “fear of getting married, being in a relationship, or commitment,” and a growing number of people are suffering from it.

A person suffering from gamophobia may be able to like or love another person, but the very idea of the possibility of being in a relationship with that person turns the story around. While not a clinically recognized condition, the effect of this phobia can drive both men and women to despair.

Psychiatrist Frederic Neuman says that gamophobia is especially strong when one is in the initial stage of dating process. “Those who suffer from such phobias tend to shy away from the dating scene, with many leading their friends to believe they are either too busy or unwilling to date,” said Neuman.

Single Woman Depressed
Are you single and depressed about it? / Flickr: Spi-V

Ron Glassman a neuroscientist who specializes in fears and phobias said that the phobia is common in people who have been in a number of bad relationships. “The commitment and closeness may also mean a loss of control or space in one’s personal life,” he added.

Gamophobes welcome the advantages of having loved ones, but cannot simply be in that situation due to extreme anxiety. They also do not like being attached to things, so instead of buying, they prefer lease or borrow them and they are adept at keeping their distance with friends and family according to Dr. Glassman.

There are a number of symptoms that could hint that you have gamophobia (apart from the obvious one that you are single). Check them out.

Psychological symptoms:

1. Anxiety and terror over the idea of marriage and long term relationships
2. Violent rejection of the topic of marriage and love that effects basic relationship of the gamophobe with his/her friends, family etc
3. Understands the irrationality of his/her fear but seem powerful to overcome it
4. Bad and graphic thoughts on relationship
5. Refusal to attach oneself to anything or anybody
6. Extreme fear of being dominated
7. Extreme depression

Physical symptoms (associated with the psychological ones):

1. Trembling
2. Nausea
3. Crying
4. Rapid heart rate
5. Chest pain
6. Dizziness
7. Fainting
8. Sweating
9. Shortness of breath

These emotions may be deeply rooted from a past experience but like most irrational fears, it can go away, but only if you confront it. If you think you have gamophobia do not be afraid to consult a psychologist.