You like to eat, but you believe the amount of food you consume is not enough to gain weight – and you’re gaining a lot. Food obesity is the most common where you eat too much food and drink too much water. It’s normally distinguishable because the fats manifest in the upper body and you have a protruding stomach. This can be solved by exercising at least 30 minutes a day and reducing the amount of food you eat as well as your sugar consumption.

But if you know it is not because of too much food, there are actually other causes of obesity that you may be surprised about. These causes include the following:

1. Stress

When you have the so-called nervous stomach, you are anxious and stressed. It is natural for you to give in to a lot of sweets on a daily basis. Together with depression, too much sugar can lead to obesity.

Solution: To solve this cause of obesity, you should be physically active. Activities, such as running, can help you de-stress. You should also know how to manage anxiety.

2. Inactivity

You could not be eating a lot, but if you just lay on your bed every day, doing nothing especially after eating, you are in big trouble. This can lead to obesity, particularly if you were active and you suddenly stop your activities.

Solution: Do some fasting, which can actually encourage your body to burn fat and speed up metabolism.

3. Gluten

Gluten obesity is caused by eating foods that have gluten, a protein in wheat and other grains, particularly of people who are allergic to it. This is quite common in adolescent girls as well as those who are in their menopausal period. Pregnant women and those who experience hormonal imbalance can also have this kind of problem.

Solution: Don’t sit on the same spot for several hours. You should also try to manage your weight by exercising and reducing your gluten intake. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as well.

4. Genes

You could inherit a condition that is a result of venous circulation, which can cause obesity. Known as venous obesity, this is common in pregnant people and those who have swollen legs.

Solution: Exercise and doing lots of activities, even simple ones such as running and using the stairs instead of the elevator can help you lose weight.

5. Metabolic Disorder

Atherogenic metabolic obesity is characterized by a very big stomach. If most of your fats are stored in your stomach, this could be the cause.

Solution: You shouldn’t drink alcohol if you have this kind of disorder as it can cause breathing problems.

Scientists have acknowledged the types of obesity given above. It is important that you know what’s causing you to gain weight. This way, it will be easier to understand and solve the problem.